Red Wing Sewer Pipe Sample


Is this a real sample or a reproduction of Red Wing Sewer Pipe. If so, what is hte value.


Patty, your have a Red Wing Sewer Pipe Company mini sewer
pipe which was made by the Red Wing Stoneware Company.  If it is in
perfect condition and has the lid, the value is $65. Without the lid, $40 or
so.  Al Kohlman

20 gallon Red Wing Crock with WA advertising


Hello   I have the opportunity to buy this 20 gallon crock it appears to be Red Wing  it has an ad for a Lind Wasington store.  Here is a picture of the 20 and the ad
can you advise me of value on this crock. It is in good condition with a small spider crack in the bottom that does not go through     thanks and regards   Rob

Answer: Robert, with the spider, the value would be $1000 to
$1200.  Hard to find these large crocks with advertising.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon shoulder jug and pack jar, collection of bean pots


What can you tell me about these pieces and their value?

THank you,





Jessica, the 5 gallon Red Wing shoulder jug with the 5 on
the dome and 4 1/2″ wing has a value between $100 to $125.  The 5
gallon packing jar with lid and chip has a value between  $350 & $400.

All the Red Wing bean pots with lids and advertising, $85 to
$95 depending on how rare the advertising.  Hope this was helpful.
Al Kohlman

Red Wing Safety Valve jar


I am unfamiliar with this in mold stamped back mark. Is it Redwing? If it isn’t
Redwing, do you know who manufactured it? It is on the bottom of a 6 1/2″
H. X 5 1/2″ diameter wax seal canning crock with a 3 1/8″ diameter
mouth. Thank you in advance…


Cary, RWSCo stands for “Red Wing Stoneware Company.  So yes it is Red Wing.  Your piece is a Red Wing Safety Valve jar.  Your jar normally came with a medal hardware that would snap the lid in place once the jar was filled with preserves or other garden canned items.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon Red Wing water cooler

This question is for Al Kohlman regarding a RW 3 gallon water cooler. I’ve attached a few pictures of the cooler to this email. I’m very new to collecting (this is my first piece), so I don’t know anything really. But I love all the posts on your website, they’ve been so helpful and they also get me very interested in collecting more pieces.

Description- 3 Gallon water cooler with lid, in good condition (no cracks or scratches), hole at the bottom (I think a spigot is supposed to go there). The inside is a little dirty (this could have been used for planting).

Questions- What do you think this would be worth if I sold it today?

Is this a common piece or rare?

Does the size of the wing mean anything? I heard the larger the wing the more value it has.

I want to buy a spigot for this pot, is there anyway to tell if it is an authentic spigot that is supposed to go to this piece?

Thank you so much,



Tracey, your 3 gallon Red Wing water cooler was produced
between 1936 & 1947.  It is the latest and last version for the Red
Wing coolers.  Also, the size of the red wing does affect the value
with the largest being in greater demand.  Also, the words
“Water Cooler” on the early coolers is scrolled where your is
blocked (scrolled being more in demand for collectors).  With all
this being said, our cooler if in perfect condition, $225 to $250. The lid
also in perfect condition, $300 to $350.  Also, the 3 gallon is a common
size and the correct spigot is the push button spigot which is marked
“Central” on either the spout or barrel of the spigot.  Also,
there is reproductions on these spigots, so you need to look for the
“Central” spigot where the push button is out side of the spigot
body.  These can be found at the convention from older collectors &
they run about $50 each.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Sponge Band bailed handled butter jar


In looking at the snack jar I realized it was not a Redwing but instead by Western Pottery. The refrigerator jar is a Redwing but I have it packed away as we moved some things and need to find it. I will send you a picture when I find it.




Janice, what you have is a Red Wing Sponge Band bailed
handle butter jar.  Value with the damage lid is around $400 to
$450.  Al Kohlman

4 gallon birch leaf and 4 gallon red wing beehive


Here are two 4 gallon Red Wings I purchased. The 4 gallon birch leaf Red Wing is bottom signed.It has a chip on the lip which is pictured below. The second Red Wing is a beehive 4 gallon with a Red Wing and a dot dash dot Red Wing oval stamp. The glazing on this one came with a manufacturing imperfection. I’m not sure if this affects the value. I will send along another email with more pics right now. I want to know what their value is. I paid $100 for the birch leaf and $300 for the beehive.

Thanks so much for your time!




Maelea, what you paid for each Red Wing jug is just about what they are worth.  The glaze on the 4 gallon birch leave beehive does affect it’s value as does the chip on the spout of the  4 gallon birchleaf shoulder jug.   Al Kohlman

5 gal. beehive jug


I came into possession of a 5 gal. beehive jug that is going to be used to replicate the Little Brown Jug football trophy that spends time in the University of Michigan or Minnesota trophy case, depending on the year. I’d like to make sure that the jug I have is not inordinately valuable. I understand the history and collectible nature of Red Wing pieces and I realize that painting any such piece might be cause to shudder, but want to make sure that painting this particular jug wouldn’t be a catastrophe. To be more precise, I want to be sure that this jug isn’t especially rare or valuable.

It’s in great shape. Apart from a little dirt, the defect I can find is a chip where the handle meets the spout. There’s a light spot on the edge of the base that seems to be a high/low spot that simply has less dirt on it. There are no cracks to be found.

Also, did Red Wing provide corks or stoppers in their jugs? When I found this, I was told the stopper was original. Could that be true?

Thanks for any help.


Martin, Red Wing beehive jugs are a little soft currently.  With the small chip by the spout, the value would be $200 at best.  Also, the Red Wing Stoneware Company did not produce or sell corks.  This was an item that you would have purchased at your hardware store.  Hope this information was helpful.  Al Kohlman



Minnesota Stoneware Company salt glazed 6 gallon rib cage butter churn


Hi there,

Just wondering if you could tell me anything about the crock in the attached pictures ? It had a large chunk out of the rim and a crack in the bac. Jim


Jim, you have a Minnesota Stoneware Company salt glazed 6 gallon rib cage butter churn.  This churn was produced sometime between 1883 & 1894.  If it were in perfect condition, the value would be around $600.  In it’s present condition, maybe $30.   Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware Steam Table jars


Could you please give me some information on these crocks?

They are 8″ tall and 7″ in diameter. The covers are wood. One of them is missing the ball on the top of the cover.

Thanks so much! I enjoy your website.




Carolyn,  what you have are Red Wing Stoneware Steam Table jars that are bottom signed.  These jars were used in cafeterias to keep food warm while serving students, guess or visitors.   The lids are not original to the jars.  In perfect condition, the value is around $30 each.  Al Kohlman