2018 Commemorative

Commemorative Distribution Hours at Minnesota State College Southeast – Red Wing
Reminder: Commemorative must be picked up by RWCS members in good standing and REGISTERED for Convention.


COLLEGE -Minnesota State College Southeast
308 Pioneer Rd

ARMORY - Red Wing National Guard Armory
885 E 7th ST

8:00 – 10:00 – COLLEGE
1:00 – 2:00 – COLLEGE

8:00 – 10:50 – COLLEGE
1:30 – 2:30 – COLLEGE

Saturday – ARMORY
9:00 – 10:30 – Commemorative Distribution
10:30 – 1:00 Commemorative Lottery
10:30 – Silent Auction Close

2017 Commemorative Pricing
$50 Commemorative pick up at Convention
$62 Commemorative Mailed (mailed orders at June 8 will be charged a $5 late fee)

$12 Accessory Pick Up
$15 Accessory Mailed

$55 Commemorative Lottery Price (avialable only at the Covnention)
$15 Accessory Onsite price

Volunteers are Needed!

Commemorative Distribution Volunteer Sign up – Thursday – Saturday volunteers are needed to help with distribution, silent auctions, and the lottery.


Commemorative Manager Bob Morawski

My passion for Red Wing started when I bought my first piece of stoneware in 1998. I joined the RWCS later that year and have attended all of the Conventions since 1999 and most of the MidWinter GetTogethers.

I have worked with the RWCS Commemoratives for 10 years and Commemorative Manager for the past eight.

Personally, I like to collect stoneware with Milwaukee advertising. I also have many “oddity” pieces that have extra wings or ovals, or upside down stamps. The crazier the markings, the more I like it. When my grandma moved out of her house, I noticed she had about six pieces of Pepe dinnerware. Since then I have built the set up to more than 100 pieces. I am currently working on completing a set of Chromoline art pottery. My latest interests include mini Red Wing flower pots and stoneware shoes. I also enjoy digging in the Red Wing dump.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the commemorative unveiled?
The Commemorative is unveiled on Thursday, July 12, 2018. Members who have not purchased a commemorative may still do so until Saturday, July 14, 2018. They can order through the online membership system, via the convention form, or calling 800-977-7927.

Who can purchase a Commemorative?
All current Primary and Associate members may each purchase one commemorative. Your membership must be current through July 31 of the year of the commemorative order. If your membership lapses before this date it must be brought current before your commemorative can be distributed.

How long do I have to order a Commemorative?
Commemoratives may be ordered using the Convention registration form. The form is available in February and can be purchased at the regular prices until June 1, 2018 by the paper form or June 8, 2018 online.

Can commemoratives be purchased after Convention form deadlines?
Yes, Members may order commemorative up and through the last day of convention (Saturday, July 14, 2018); but, there will be a late fee charge.

Who can pick up a Commemorative at the Convention?
Members wishing to pick up their commemorative MUST BE REGISTERED for the convention.
You may designate another current, REGISTERED member to pick up your commemorative at the Convention. Commemoratives are not available to pick up at any other locations.

What if I don’t make it to convention, how do I get my commemorative?
Members who are unable to pick up their commemorative during the convention will be contacted by the office to make arrangements for shipping following the convention. The commemorative mail fee will also need to be paid prior to shipping.

Can a commemorative be mailed, if I am not attending the Convention?
Yes, members may designate their commemorative to be mailed. There is a mailing fee in addition to the cost of the commemorative. See information below about Mailed Commemoratives.

Annual Accessory Piece

The accessory piece is a piece is considered to be a reproduction of a piece of Red Wing or something that would complement or go with the commemorative. The identity of the accessory, like the commemorative, is not revealed until the Convention because it would give away the identity of the Commemorative itself.

Accessory pieces can only be purchased WITH A PICK UP OR MAILED order  commemorative. An accessory pieces can be purchased for Lottery pieces. There is a pre-order and mail price. A limited quantity will be available to purchase onsite. Only one accessory per commemorative.

Previous accessory pieces
2013 – Dog Dish
2014 – Riser for the Success Filter
2015 – Leather Strap for Canteen stamped RWCS
2016 – Large medallion for the 40th Convention
2017 – Koverwate for the 40 gallon Crock

Members can order their accessory piece when the register for convention either online or via the Convention Registration Form.

Commemorative Lottery – at Convention

  • Lottery System is a fair way to sell surplus commemoratives and reward members who pre-register and attend Convention.
  • Lottery numbers are assigned to all members, with prepaid orders including mailed orders, who are attending Convention.
  • Only those pre-registered for Convention are eligible to purchase a lottery commemorative.
  • Lottery numbers will be printed on all pre-registered members badges.
  • Lottery sales on Thursday and Friday are for those with Lottery numbers below 400. On Saturday the lottery will start at 400.
  • Convention badge of person on the lottery list MUST be shown when purchasing a lottery piece. Family or friend may purchase a piece for a member on the lottery list who registered for Convention, but is unable to be present at the lottery. But they must have that members badge.
  • After the final available piece has been sold, commemoratives are no longer available.

Special Commemoratives
A limited number are produced and given to winners of Display competition, drawing at Annual Business Meeting, door prizes, volunteer drawing, “Early Order” winner on April 1, newsletter submission drawing, and one to the highest silent auction bidder beginning Thursday and ending on Saturday during distribution hours.

Mailed Commemoratives
Members who are not able to attend convention or have another member pick up their commemorative can order one to be mailed to them. All commemoratives are shipped via US Priority mail and should arrive by the middle of August. All should arrive by the the end of August. Please do not contact the RWCS Business Office until September 1st regarding shipping concerns.

BROKEN COMMEMORATIVE: Should your commemorative be broken in shipping you must return the broken piece before a replacement will be shipped . Please do not insure your broken/damaged commemorative. ALL RETURN POSTAGE COSTS WILL BE REIMBURSED BY THE RWCS BUSINESS OFFICE.


The annual RWCS Convention Commemorative has long been one of the Society’s most treasured traditions. Almost from the beginning of the organization, the release of the annual Commemorative has been a highly anticipated event and a focal point of the Convention.

The Annual Commemorative is only available to Current members of the RWCS. Members can order to have their Commemorative mailed or picked up at the Convention. No commemoratives are available for sale after the convention.

Commemorative Publications:

For the 20th Anniversary of the RWCS, a book detailing the commemorative produced from the Society’s inception until 1997. The book was written in large part by Larry Roschen, the Commemorative Manager at the time and was distributed with each commemorative sold. The book was published by Nicol Knappen and Ekerby Publishing and Production Services, who have provided a PDF version of the book which can be viewed by clicking here. Limited printed copies of this book are available.

In 2012 the RWCS Commemorative Manager produced a supplement to the 20th Anniversary Book that covers 1998 – 2012. The book was distributed with the commemorative.

Commemorative Lists:

Below is the year, photo, description, number produced, and original sale price. You can see a picture of each commemorative to the right or by clicking on the description name for each year. More information on each piece can be found in the 20th Anniversary book, linked above.

Year Description Issued Original Price
1977 Salt Glaze Crock
This piece, designed and produced by Jewell Peterson and Rosa Larson, was hand-thrown and hand-decorated. It commemorated the first Convention and was available at the second gathering 1978. 

Manufacturer: Dave Kenyon & Bob Brodderson Spring Valley, WI

250 $7.50
1978 Common Jug
This jug represented the second Convention held in Red Wing. It is incised on both sides and honors the 100th anniversary of pottery production in Red Wing. The piece was designed and produced by Dave Stagner and made from clay out of the Goodhue County clay pits 

Manufacturer: Eillen Frye Red Wing, MN

350 $4.00
1979 Butter Churn
This commemorative was again produced by Jewell Peterson and hand-thrown. A variant of this commemorative has handles, but few were produced before this style was abandoned. 

Manufacturer: Peter Dineen St. Paul, MN

400 $10.00
1980 Sponge Ware Bowl
This bowl was the first commemorative to be formally produced by the Society. It was made by Dave Hutchson from an original Reed bowl mold, from clay that had been left behind in the factory when it closed in 1967. Production was coordinated by Vi Malmquist. 

Manufacturer: Dave Hutchson Red Wing, MN

400 $10.00
1981 Brown-top Shoulder Jug
This commemorative was designed by Commemorative Chairs Gary and Bonnie Tefft. It was the first commemorative to be mailed to members and to use a custom-made mold. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

750 $8.00
1982 Cherryband Mug
Again designed by Gary and Bonnie Tefft, 1982 saw the first year a special commemorative was produced. This tradition continues to the present day. Cherryband items are desirable pieces and a popular collection focus. Bottom marked by the commemorative maker Western Stoneware. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

697 $10.00
1983 Stone Mason Fruit Jar
This was a 1-pint version of the popular Mason jars. Artists in the Park produced the piece, and original zinc lids and rubber rings, although no longer made, were obtained from Ball Corporation, which had enough of the caps still around to supply the commemoratives. 

Manufacturer: Artist In the Park Deer Park, WI

1,026 $12.00
1984 Salt Glaze Cooler
This commemorative was produced as a replica salt glaze piece, although the “salt glaze” is actually a clear glaze over brown clay. The leaf was traced from an original piece and stamped on the commemoratives. The wooden spigot was produced by a member but was not original to the piece. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

1,161 $12.00
1985 Ice Water Cooler
This commemorative used the same mold as the 1984 piece. The markings were applied from a rubber stamp. Again, spigots were produced and marketed by members after the piece was released but were not an original part of the commemorative. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

1,750 $12.00
1986 Acid Proof Measure Pitcher
This is a 1-pint Acid Proof pitcher. Intended to be a miniature, it was later discovered that 1-pint varieties, although exceptionally rare, do exist. This was the first commemorative to have the markings applied from a decal rather than a stamp.

Manufacturer: DeNovo Ceramics, dba Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

1,982 $12.00
1987 Red Wing Ashtray
The 10th Anniversary commemorative was a reproduction of a famous ashtray made by Red Wing Potteries to commemorate their own 75th year of production. Molded marks on the base mimic the historical 75th Ashtray. Included were a ribbon sticker on the piece listing the years of the RWCS and a book detailing the first ten commemoratives. 

Manufacturer: Gris Pottery Carpentersville, IL

2,328 $12.00
1988 Pompeii Plate
This commemorative is actually an original production Red Wing piece with decals added. The piece was re-fired with the new decals on the front and back. Accompanying the piece was an original Pompeii Dinnerware brochure. Pompeii was chosen as it was the only pattern with sufficient stores still in the salesroom to meet the needs of the Society. 

Original Production Red Wing Potteries Red Wing, MN

2,600 $12.00
1989 Gray Line Pitcher
This pitcher is a miniature of the popular Gray Line, or spongeband, pieces produced by Red Wing Potteries. All artwork on the regular piece was done with decals, as new regulations concerning the use of certain glazes were too restrictive to allow for a hand-decorated piece. 

Manufacturer: R&N China Co. Carrolton, Ohio

2,682 $12.00
1990 Fancy Jug
This 1/2 pint jug commemorates a standard piece of American stoneware. The wing marking was applied with a decal. The sticker seen on this jug states “Red Wing 1990″ and was only included on pieces picked up at the Convention. Mailed pieces do not have the sticker. 

Manufacturer: R&N China Co. Carrolton, Ohio

3,540 $12.00
1991 Pantry Jar
This piece combined two styles to produce the decoration. The wing and convention logo markings were again decals, but the blue bands on base and lid were painted by hand. 

Manufacturer: R&N China Co. Carrolton, Ohio

3,551 $12.00
1992 North Star Shoulder Jug
North Star Stoneware Co. was short lived, and their pear-shaped shoulder jugs are a hallmark of the company. The base of the commemorative has the raised “North Star” mark. This commemorative was the last produced by long-time Chairs, Gary and Bonnie Tefft. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

4,260 $15.00
1993 Chicken Fount
The bell-shaped chicken fount was produced in a 1-pint version for this commemorative. The top had decals to identify it as a Society commemorative, and the saucer was impressed “RWCS 1993″ to avoid any future confusion. This was the first commemorative produced under Commemorative Chairs Larry and Kathy Roschen. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

4,819 $15.00
1994 20-lb. Butter Crock
This miniature 20 pound butter crock is in reality about a 1 lb piece. All marks were again applied with decals. RWCS 1994 is impressed into the base of the crock. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

5,660 $15.00
1995 Giraffe Planter
The giraffe planter was produced as a salute to Charles Murphy, who passed away in 1994. A prolific art pottery and dinnerware designer for Red Wing, Murphy’s art pottery piece numbers were often prefaced with an “M”. As a nod to this practice, the base of this planter is marked “M-1995″. Just as original pieces were, the spots and decoration on the giraffe were hand-painted. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

6,186 $20.00
1996 Gray Line Cookie Jar
Returning to Gray Line, this cookie jar was produced using decals for all decorations. Both the lid and the base have RWCS 1996 impressed to avoid any future confusion should they become separated. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

7,175 $20.00
1997 20 Gallon Salt Glaze Butterfly Crock
This piece was the first since 1979 to be hand-turned and hand-decorated. Many potters worked on the project and their various marks were impressed on each piece, along with a side-wall stamp commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Society. Planning for this very special piece began in 1993. 

Manufacturer: Rockdale Union Stoneware Edgerton, WI

7,508 $30.00
1998 Blue Iris Pitcher
The original Iris pitchers were produced in both stoneware and artware/dinnerware varieties. This miniature pitcher holds approximately 12 fluid ounces. Originals came as small as one pint. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

7,564 $30.00
1999 5 Gallon Kover Weight
Kover Weights allowed brine used in pickling and food preservation to flow over it and keep any food under the weight completely immersed. Decals were used for the decorations. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

7,444 $20.00
2000 Hamm’s Pitcher
The Hamm’s dinnerware sets were made exclusively for Hamm’s Brewing Company. The originals are scarce and highly collectible. The scenes on this commemorative are not hand-painted as the originals were, but used an innovative process to produce the image faithfully in a decal, and to account for the shape of the piece. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

7,190 $20.00
2001 Sponge Panel Mixing Bowl
This is a 4″ paneled mixing bowl, originally produced in sizes of 5-11″. These bowls were hand sponged in blue and brown, just as the originals were. After firing, decals with the convention date were applied and the piece was refired. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

6,901 $20.00
2002 5 Gallon Ball Lock Jar
This piece was technically difficult. Four different manufacturers were contracted to make all the different components. The pottery jar and lid were produced by Western Stoneware, while the aluminum ball lock, steel wire bail, and wooden handled wire bail were each made by a different manufacturer. It is the most complicated commemorative, from a manufacturing standpoint. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

6,886 $40.00
2003 Pegasus Horse Planter
This piece commemorates a figural planter first introduced in 1948. These pieces had a relatively short production run, and so is found in fewer glazes than other similar pieces.The commemorative was produced from a mold made by casting an original piece, with the lettering added later.

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

6,089 $35.00
2004 Brushed Ware Vase
This is a reproduction of vase number 144 produced in the 1920s and 1930s. The vase was made using a three-part mold and needed to dry for two days before the finish could be applied. The base is ink stamped on the base.

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

6,392 $35.00
2005 Self Draining Jar
This commemorative is one of three styles of draining jars produced by Red Wing. These originals came in a variety of markings and had many variations. The commemorative is modeled after a style that would have had bailed handles.

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

5,065 $35.00
2006 Round Up Teapot
RoundUp was introduced by Red Wing Potteries in January 1958. This piece also honors the Western Stoneware Company’s over 100 year production history. Western stopped production in late May olf 2006 and the RoundUp Teapot was the last production piece by Western Stoneware Company. Western was one of Red Wing Potteries’ main competitors and was considered the last commercial ceramics producer in the United States at the time of close. (Western later re-opened under new management, but has closed again.)

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

4,850 $35.00
2007 5 Gallon Threshing Jug
The jug is bottom stamped with a logo celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the RWCS, and reds reMEMBERing Great Clay…Great People…

Manufacturer: Red Wing Stoneware Company Red Wing, MN

4,500 $40.00
2008 Century of Progress “transportation” mug
2008 was the 75th anniversary of this specialty product. The Commemorative is a replica of the 1933 Century of Progress “transportation” mug which was reported to have been sold by the Chicago house at the world’s fair in Chicago. These mugs originally came in off white or albany glaze with a motif that features a cart pulled by oxen, a train, a car, and airplane. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

3,800 $40.00
2009 Advertising Bean Pot
2009 was the first year three versions of the commemorative were produced. All three versions are considered the regular commemorative, although varying percentages were made with each design. The designs on the bean pot feature advertising hailing from Red Wing, MN, Holstein, IA, and Weyauwega, WI. 

Manufacturer: Western Stoneware Monmouth, IL

3,600 $40.00
2010 Stoneware Pig
2010 continued the 3 versions of the annual commemorative. Versions were handed out randomly to members. These pigs required a six-piece mold to cast the pig. The base of the pig was stamped with the Convention dates. 

Manufacturer: Maple City Pottery Monmouth, IL

3,500 $40.00
2011 4 Gallon Salt Glaze Churn
2011 continued the 3 versions of the annual commemorative. Versions were handed out randomly to members. These churns were individually hand turned piece. The churns were stamped at random side, front, or back as was done at the original Potteries of Red Wing. 

Manufacturer: Maple City Pottery Monmouth, IL

3,300 $45.00
2012 Chromoline Vase
2012 continued the 3 versions of the annual commemorative. Versions were handed out randomly to members. Version “A” has the orange/green glazing, Version “B” has the blue/yellow colors and Version “C” has a  gray, pink and rust glaze combination, which mimics an experimental M3006 vase. The vases were cast in a two-piece mold and hand-painted 

Manufacturer: Maple City Pottery Monmouth, IL

3,236 $45.00
2013 Red Wing Stoneware Bull Dog
2013 continued the 3 versions of the annual commemorative. Versions were handed out randomly to members. Version “A” Albany Slip color, Version “B” is white with black highlights. Version “C” is two-toned brown. The dogs were cast in a five-piece mold and made by Maple City Pottery. Available to purchase by members picking up their commemorative at the Convention was the 2013 commemorative accessory a stoneware dog dish. Special: Cow & Calf 

Manufacturer: Maple City Pottery Monmouth, IL

30,25 $45.00 

$10.00 accessory

2014 Success Filter with lid
2014 continued the 3 versions of the annual commemorative. Versions were handed out randomly to members. Version “A” Zinc Glaze, Version “B” is salt glaze, and Version “C” is blue sponge. The crocks were cast from a four piece mold and the lids were pressed and made by Red Wing Stoneware. The salt glazed versions were fired at Red Wing Pottery. Available to purchase by members picking up their commemorative at the Convention was the 2014 commemorative accessory a stoneware riser. Special: German Spittoon. 

Manufacturer: Red Wing Stoneware Co. Red Wing, MN

A 2241
B 212
C 38
2015 Stoneware Canteen
The 2015 regular commemorative was a miniature stoneware canteen. First produced in the mid 1890s during the salt glaze era, production increased in the early zinc glaze days. Vintage advertising on canteens includes local Red Wing souvenir pieces, names of liquor dealers and tavern owners, Milwaukee’s Pierron Pottery and commemorating special events. Version A commemoratives were decorated with ink-stamped RWCS advertising and Version B was ink stamped with vintage California advertising. Version C has vintage advertising from the Pierron Pottery applied by hand. The 2015 special commemorative was a stoneware shoe, slip cast and detailed by hand. Half were produced in cobalt glaze and half were glazed with authentic Albany slip. The shoes are ink-stamped on the bottom. 

Manufacturer: Rowe Pottery Cambridge, WI

A 1943
B 198
C 39

$12 Accessory

2016 Advertising Brown Top Fancy Jug  

The 2016 Red Wing Collectors Society Commemorative is a stoneware advertising mini jug. Red Wing mini jugs with dated ink stamps can be found from the early 1900s through the 1930s. They were made to commemorate meetings and conventions, promote liquor dealers and other businesses, serve as Red Wing souvenirs and even celebrate a college football rivalry.In 2016, the RWCS produced three different versions of its Commemorative. Version A advertises the RWCS 40th Annual Convention. Versions B and C have vintage ads for conventions in Red Wing. Version B is the Redman in 1927 and C is the Postal Workers in 1939. Special Were mini shoulder jug “Souvenir of Red Wing” or Union Oval decoration.

Manufacturer: Rowe Pottery Cambridge, WI

A 1,793
B 200
C 40

$12 Accessory





40 Gallon Crock2017 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Red Wing Collectors Society, so it’s fitting that 40 gallon crocks were produced as this year’s RWCS Commemorative. Three versions were produced. Version A made up 90 percent of total production, Version B covered 9 percent and 40 Version C pieces were made to match the club’s anniversary. 

Version A has three decorations: “40”, wing and oval; “40”, birch leaves and oval; and “40”, elephant ears and oval. The member can choose which decoration to display with the other decorations not visible from the front. Version B has advertising from two companies: San Francisco’s John Mulhern Co. and Prell Mercantile Company of Bremen, KS. Once again the member can choose which ad to display with the other on the back of the crock. Version C is a transition crock with two hand-decorated cobalt leaves. All crocks came with a lid. The accesory was a Koverwate.

Manufacturer: Rowe Pottery Cambridge, WI


$12 Accessory


For More information on Red Wing Commemoratives, contact the Commemorative Manager via email or the RWCS Business Office .